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Our success is based on both our pioneering recovery program and also the dedication of our staff. We have carefully created a truly family environment which we have found to be most effective. We also encourage loved ones to be involved with the recovery process.

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With an 83% success rate, we are so confident in our approach that we provide you with a written guarantee (see details at the bottom of this page).

A study done by the National Institute of Drug Abuse found that those who received help for heroin addiction or heavy cocaine addiction will often begin using again. The study found that drug usage was up to at least once a week within a year of receiving help. Sadly, these results are common for many treatment methods that are highly popular.

Our program is far more successful and an American independent research group found that 86% of all our students remained drug free two years after they completed our recovery program. We believe that this is because our graduates leave us without the desire to relapse, and never need to take medication of any kind to remain off addictive drugs. In effect they have been "brought back to life" with a new positive approach to their own llives, those of their family and their wider community.

Call us now Colorado Rehab Centerto find our more or to discuss any aspect of your addiction problem. If now is not a good time then fill in the form below and we will call you back at any time that is more convenient.

Our Promise:

  • 100%Speak to an experienced drug abuse counselor
  • 100%Compassionate and practical listening ear
  • 100%No pressure, just helpful and kind advice
  • 100%Impartial and accurate at all times
  • 100%Free advice without obligation


Our Full Written Guarantee

Our objective is to provide a way for people with addictions to conquer them once and for all and find happiness in their lives that will prevent them from ever wanting or needing to turn to substances again as a way to cope with life.

Making it past the first year is the most important milestone and indicator for the future. 83% of those who enter our Colorado rehab achieve this, compared to for example, less than 5% who go to a 12-step program or treatment facility.

In our experience, if a relapse is going to happen it will be in the first few weeks after leaving the nurturing, family atmosphere at our Colorado rehab center.

Whatever the reason, if relapse occurs within the first six months of leaving our Colorado rehab then we will re-admit with no further charges.

We provide this guarantee not just because after many years of success we are confident in our approach, but also because all our people are important to us and we don't want to lose anyone if at all possible, especially for financial reasons.


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Our 100% Guarantee
  • 100%Speak to a drug abuse counselor
  • 100%A compasionate listening ear
  • 100%Helpful and courteous
  • 100%Impartial and practical advice
  • 100%No pressure and no obligation
  • 100%Your privacy respected

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Dr Glen, our pioneereing founder, is passionate about the recovery of each and every addict.

Despite a very busy schedule, he is always happy to take a call from anyone reaching out for help for themselves or a loved one.

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