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We get the best results at our rehab center in Colorado

We deliver unmatched results and surely this makes us the best rehab center in Colorado or anywhere else? Most people leaving the sanctuary of our family center are left with no residual urge to relapse, and are ready to face life with confidence and control, and have the ability to achieve their life goals without drugs or alcohol.

Permanent recovery is NOT achieved through fads

We can't say "We are the best rehab center in the world", because that would be arrogant and only you can make that judgment after you read about how we achieve our phenomenal outcomes.

You are probably aware that in recent years many addiction centers have started to offer fad  treatments in their programs because they have become fashionable. Addiction is too serious for this frivolous approach, so to help clear up any confusion about what is most important we want to be clear firstly about what you need to ignore when considering a residential program.

Permanent recovery from addiction is not achieved through yoga or gourmet food. It's not about five star facilities and sea views. It's not about continuing dependency on meetings held with other victims who continue to label themselves as addicts or alcoholics. It's not about surrendering your will to some mysterious higher power, hoping that it somehow singles you out as one of the lucky 5% by bestowing sobriety on you.

What makes us the best rehab center in Colorado is our two-fold approach. Firstly by dealing with the physical aspects of addiction in a completely thorough way, and by having a methodical, meticulous and compassionate approach to dealing with the underlying emotional and psychological issues that began the cycle of addiction in the first place.

It is the re-discovery of, and connection to personal dignity and integrity which permanently reduce the feelings that lead to the need for escapism.

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Our 100% Guarantee when you call us:

  • 100%Speak to an experienced drug abuse counselor
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Summary of our program

At our rehab centre in Colorado our treatment program is packaged in a series of standardized steps which are moved through methodically at an individualized pace.

Recovery takes as long as it takes. There is no fixed time limit, but most of our successful graduates complete our program in 3-6 months. Many programs are designed around standard insurance coverage which in our experience doesn't produce long term results.

There is very strong evidence from neuroimaging studies that once a person is detoxed from alcohol or drugs, their brain needs at least one month before it is fully ready to engage in the treatment process – that is why we give it as long as it needs, and offer a fixed cost, no matter how long it takes to free the addicted person.

In the first phase of steps, our drug-free detoxification program removes the residual drugs from the body, greatly decreasing the chance of relapse. Many centers treat drug and alcohol dependency with more drugs – we believe this is simply a nonsensical approach that does not work. There are no good drugs, and unless you absolutely have to take pharmaceuticals for a medical complaint there is no reason to.

The second phase of steps is the learning program, which ultimately enables the individual to get involved again with their family and society, gain control of themselves and reach the point where they can actually take responsibility for themselves and others as well. This phase addresses and handles the reason why the individual started using drugs in the first place and gives them the knowledge and certainty they need to lead a long and happy, drug-free life.

Call us now to discuss any aspect of addiction or recovery, whether you are an addict or a family member, or loved one. Our advice line is Colorado Rehab Center. If this is not a good time please fill in the form on the left of this page and we will call you back at any time that is convenient for you.

Detailed Steps of the Program

Addiction treatment at our rehab centre in Colorado is a complex, multi-faceted program that has been designed and refined over many years to produce the best results for all attendees. Here are just a few more detailed explanations of certain important aspects contained in the program.

Drug-Free Withdrawal

Our carefully tailored withdrawal program enables an individual to come off drugs without experiencing the usual painful symptoms. There is a pre-medical evaluation, after which we provide a safe, 24-hour care procedure under the supervision of a withdrawal specialist.

Drugs and alcohol deplete the body of vital vitamins and minerals so during this phase we use specific natural nutrition to help the body revitalize itself. The individual undergoing withdrawal is supported twenty four hours a day until the physical and mental discomfort is gone.

However we do not leave it there, because research clearly shows that many types of drugs remain in the body for years stored in fatty tissue. This residue is often released back in to the body over time, triggering drug cravings and depression that can lead to relapse despite the best intentions of the addict.

After the withdrawals stage we provide a medically supervised regime of exercise, intensive sweating in a dry sauna, in combination with fluids and nutritional supplements to weed out the drug residue contained in the body.

In most cases, completion of this portion of our program results in greatly reduced or eliminated cravings, and an enormous boost in mental clarity which is vital to the rest of the program.

The Program

In the first part of our learning program our pupils are taught how to study, retain knowledge and overcome obstructions to study and learning. Again this is a significant differentiating factor in our program that enables a permanent recovery.

Thereafter there are a series of learning modules that helps students to:

1) Develop communication skills to help resolve people problems.

2) Restore ability to focus on real goals.

3) Fully move past traumatic events in which they may have become stuck

4) Improve ability to deal with the realities of life.

5) Learn how to focus attention onto the present, as opposed to being stuck in the past.

6)  Improves perception of  environment, and how to control it rather than being affected by it.

7) Vastly improve sense of self-esteem and restore sense of self-worth.

8) Evaluate and handle negative influences.

9) Restores innate sense of right and wrong and ability to live honestly with own moral code.

10 Values and purpose recovered and strengthened.

11) Restore personal integrity.

12) Objectively evaluate and improve conditions to do with self, family, and other groups.

13) Repair past and present conditions in life, and provided with tools to improve conditions and situations in the future.

Each step in our program obviously provides significant gains, but it is the combined effect which result in permanent recovery.  We have hundreds of case histories to demonstrate the truth of this fact.

Call us now to discuss in more detail how we may be of assistance. Our certified counselors are waiting to hear from you on Colorado Rehab Center.If you prefer please fill in the form below and we will call you back at any time that is convenient for you.

Our 100% Guarantee when you call us:

  • 100%Speak to an experienced drug abuse counselor
  • 100%Compassionate and practical listening ear
  • 100%No pressure, just helpful and kind advice
  • 100%Impartial and accurate at all times
  • 100%Free advice without obligation


A comprehensive long term follow-up program is devised and implemented to help each student through their first year of recovery after they leave the safe environment of the rehab center in Colorado. We keep regular contact with our students and their family members.

Our counselors assess student stability and progress after discharge from the program. The student may be required to return should he/she face life situations that may threaten his sobriety. The student will receive special assistance in addressing these life issues so he or she may maintain a drug and alcohol-free life.

Value for Money

Despite having the best success rate in the nation we try our best to make our rehab center in Colorado affordable so that as many as possible can avail of our services and achieve a new life.

We charge a fixed cost regardless of how long treatment takes, and this includes a year of follow up and support. We also offer a unique written guarantee that we will readmit within the first six months of leaving if a relapse occurs.

Take the first important step to a new life of integrity and joy by calling our Free Advice Line. We are here to help and offer our support to you in whatever way we can.

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Our Promise:

  • 100%Speak to an experienced drug abuse counselor
  • 100%Compassionate and practical listening ear
  • 100%No pressure, just helpful and kind advice
  • 100%Impartial and accurate at all times
  • 100%Free advice without obligation


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