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If you or a loved one suffer from an addiction, then you already know first hand the heartbreak of seeing a life spiral downards and out of control. It is an awful experience to witness a life left unlived, to see yourself, or a loved one turning their back on the possibility of fulfilling a meaningful destiny, because they are in the grip of something so powerful it is changing them in front of your eyes.

While the 12-step approach is popular in many treatment centres, the unpalatable truth is that it only has a 5% success rate, and relies on the addict continuing to use the crutch of having to go to regular meetings after treatment for the rest of their life. Our approach treats the underlying issues so that the person has a complete reversal in their feeling about life, from negative to positive and therefore never contemplates going back to a substance to solve issues.

We are so confident in our approach that we provide a written guarantee for our alcohol rehab programme (more details provided below).

We offer a FREE ADVICE LINE where you can talk to an experienced drug abuse counselor without obligation about your problem with addiction, or about the problems you face with a loved one.

Call us now Colorado Rehab Center or fill in our form and we will call you back. Our lines are manned by compasionate, certified drug counselors all expert in explaining our approach and what you can do as your next best step.

Our Promise:

  • 100%Speak to an experienced drug abuse counselor
  • 100%Compassionate and practical listening ear
  • 100%No pressure, just helpful and kind advice
  • 100%Impartial and accurate at all times
  • 100%Free advice without obligation


Our Written Guarantee

Most people who relapse do so in the first few weeks after leaving the nurturing, family environment of our Colorado rehab center.

There are many reasons why this can happen, usually some strong emotional issue comes up that was not dealt with up to this point. If this happens within the first six months then we will readmit for up to 30 days at our own expense.

This is a vital parachute because making it past the first year is the biggest milestone, and 83% of our graduates do this, compared to less than 5% who go to a 12-step programme.

You owe it to yourself or your loved one to talk to the only Colorado rehab who offers a written guarantee about how we can help you recover from your addiction and achieve a happy fulfilling life of meaning.




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Rehab in Colorado

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Our 100% Guarantee
  • 100%Speak to a drug abuse counselor
  • 100%A compasionate listening ear
  • 100%Helpful and courteous
  • 100%Impartial and practical advice
  • 100%No pressure and no obligation
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Dr Glen, our pioneereing founder, is passionate about the recovery of each and every addict.

Despite a very busy schedule, he is always happy to take a call from anyone reaching out for help for themselves or a loved one.

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